Missions et Valeurs

Missions & Values

IMPRESSIVE TUNISIA, a travel and events agency since 2005, would like, through this declaration, to highlight its mission and values in the framework of its social responsibility and permanent dialogue with its stakeholders.

Notre mission

IMPRESSIVE TUNISIA does not want to be a simple intermediary. Instead, it invests in all its missions which are centered around:
● Organizing group and individual travels;
● Organizing events, congresses, seminars, ceremonies, multi-theme fairs with the IMPRESSIVE TUNISIA brand;
● Supporting our clients in setting up their projects in accordance with our quality and sustainable development policies.
With a Mission: to impress our stakeholders with the quality of our organization, the showcasing of our local heritage and the responsible management of our events.


Our Values

The values of IMPRESSIVE TUNISIA reflect our know-how:

● Open-mindedness: Because we believe that everyone has their own experience, we are looking for any proposal and any change that might improve our services.

● Innovation: Because we are perpetually searching for new ideas, new concepts in line with our values and the requirements of our customers.

● Transparency: Because transparency and trust go hand in hand, we share with our stakeholders any useful information to help them select the best choices offered.

● Integrity: Because integrity is the foundation for any sustainable relationship with our stakeholders.

● Respect: Because we are accountable to our customers, event participants, our subcontractors, and suppliers as well as local communities and future generations.

● Inclusion: Because we aim to create an environment where everyone is equally respected and has access to the same possibilities.

● Vigilance: Because we take into consideration every detail with a potential impact on environmental performance, economic activity, and social progress.
With this in mind, we are committed to constantly monitor and improve the relevance, adequacy, and
effectiveness of the sustainable management system for our events.

Values Impressive Tunisia