Impressive Tunisia Diversity is our main corporate asset

Diversity is our main corporate asset

Impressive Tunisia, our event planning company is aware that diversity is an important key to the progress of every business, but also of the entire humanity. In terms of profile, age or origines, we believe that every person is unique, bringing a valuable contribution to our caring community.

Our inclusion policy is therefore a response to the need for an enriching diversity within the company. Inclusion is a crucial element and a core value, we seek to consolidate and highlight by various means, not only promoting tolerance and dialogue, but also through a process of reliable communication that facilitates the submission and handling of complaints.

Through our inclusion policy, Impressive Tunisia aims to establish a solid basis for all our interactions and our way of conducting an ethical business. We also target to anticipate and ban any discriminatory situation or behavior. Whether it is related to disability, race, gender, sexual orientation or physical appearance, discrimination in the workplace is a prohibited act that we reject and fight against. This daily fight against discrimination is anchored in our corporate culture. Impressive Tunisia implements all the necessary efforts and actions to ensure dignity and respects equal opportunities.

Politique de diversité et inclusion

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