L’archipel de la Galite

La Galite archipelago, an unparalleled charm

Located in the northern coast of Tunisia, the archipelago of La Galite is a unique destination that offers a real getaway in nature. Small rocky islands of volcanic origin, the archipelago is a real paradise on earth where you can easily forget the noises of the city and where you escape for a unique moment in the middle of the nature.

Visiting La Galite archipelago is a must if you are passionate about the underwater world and the biological diversity. A whole world to discover through various activities, hiking, boat trips, swimming and scuba diving, the archipelago is a wonderful destination in Tunisia.

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La Galite archipelago is no doubt an ideal place to start a new professional chapter after a well-deserved break. Impress your employees and enjoy the calm and the unique landscape of La Galite archipelago.

Our teams guarantee you an extraordinary journey thanks to a flexible and meticulous planning of your business meeting or your professional event. We offer you a guided tour of the archipelago combining the discovery of rare species, relaxation and pleasure.