la table de Jugurtha

Trekking and hiking in Tunisia: discover Jugurtha’s table

Located in Kalaat-Seanan, El Kef, the Jugurtha’s table is a magnificent archaeological site in Tunisia. The famous table is named after the Numidian king Jugurtha.

Thanks to its strategic geographical position and a 1200 altitude, the huge site served as a shelter during a famous battle. The mountain is today part of the tunisian geological, historical and natural heritage.

The surroundings of the Jugurtha’s table are exceptionally green, wild and ideal for camping. El Kef attracts many hiking enthusiasts every year. They come to discover the beauty of this hidden city.

This natural treasure of Tunisia is not only appreciated for its enormous and magnificent mountain of 80 hectares, but also for its very attractive and unique landscape and Sheer cliffs.

The flat-topped rocky mountain was an ideal refuge. It is hard to access except by the North through a narrow path. The table hosted Jugurtha’s army and once protected him. Today, only a few traces remain, ruins of old shelters, ancient basins dug into the rock and visible hoof marks.

Impressive Tunisia plans for you a memorable day in El Kef to give you the opportunity to discover the incredible historical site of the Jugurtha’s table and its breathtaking landscape.