Kerkennah, a one-of-a-kind archipelago, the perfect setting for a business trip

The Kerkennah archipelago lies about twenty kilometers from Sfax. It is a group of small beautiful islands mostly uninhabited. The island offers a total change of scenery and an unparalleled getaway to its visitors.

Kerkennah adopts a traditional lifestyle where nature, the sun and the sea are in the center of everything. The smiling and helpful inhabitants offer a warm welcome. They inspire peace and joy to visitors who fall under the spell of the general atmosphere and the way of life as soon as they arrive.

Recently, the island has been gradually moving towards ecotourism. Kerkennah offers a variety of interesting activities for travelers. Traditional fishing trips, swimming in isolated charming areas, bike tours to explore the island and camping are organized in the island, to satisfy the visitors. Inexpensive leisure and water sports are also organized for tourists in Kerkennah.

The sea is an important element of life on the island and it is the main source of its culinary pleasures. The gastronomy of the archipelago is a journey on its own. Kerkennah is known for the quality of its fresh fish and traditional octopus dishes offered by local restaurants.

The archipelago is an exceptional destination full of simplicity and beauty. Book your business stay in Kerkennah with Impressive Tunisia and take advantage of the rare landscape to organize your corporate event.