impressive tunisia Anti-corruption policy

Anti-corruption policy

Impressive Tunisia is an event management agency that places considerable importance on transparency in its activities and is committed to invest all possible resources to fight corruption.

Fully aware of the negative impact of corruption on economics, professional life or even on a social level, we recognize the great importance of the anti-corruption policy within the company.

We are committed to turning the anti-fraud and bribery policy into a daily fight by establishing reliable mechanisms that help examining and investigating Complaints and suspicions of possible violations.

Our standards and code of conduct are particularly designed for promoting the anti-corruption acts. They are strictly applied within Impressive Tunisia event agency and associated with anti-corruption standards. Our standards are continually adjusted to promote all aspects of good governance.

Our anti-corruption policy involves the generalization of a transparency philosophy within the company. Raising anti-corruption awareness among managers and employees is a priority for our event’s agency.
Thanks to a professional team, Impressive Tunisia is also implementing reliable mechanisms for the protection of whistleblowers.

We take all suspicions and attempts of direct or indirect fraud seriously. Our agency encourages employees to expose all activities deemed illegal and to take part in this anti-corruption strategy. This commitment is clear within the corporate culture through a zero-tolerance approach to equal opportunity violations that apply to both stakeholders and employees.

Politique anti corruption

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