Testour: the magnificent history of an exceptional region

Exploring the town of Testour is a magnificent journey. As soon as you take the road that leads to Béja, the greenery landscape surprises you with a beautiful, harmonious and relaxing view. This little piece of paradise of yellow flowers and freshness is just wonderful. The city is located in the northwest of Tunisia, it extends over a vast hill of 70 to 90 meters high.

The Andalusian touch of Testour is still present and you can feel it through the monuments witnessing the splendor of the “Belle Epoque”. Architecture, culture and gastronomy reflect a spirit of coexistence, peace and harmony that reigned over the city.

The great mosque of Testour is a very special monument known for its architecture and its beautiful rectangular minaret. It is crowned by the famous mysterious clock with numbers placed in the opposite of the regular direction. The clock defining time and turning background is unique in the Arab-Muslim world.

The Andalusian landscape is perpetually reproduced under the city sky since its creation in the 17th century. There are still traces of many civilizations that flourished and collapsed, Byzantine, Roman and Muslim, Jewish and Andalusian, they left visible traces in every corner of Testour.