la grotte culturelle d’Althiburos

Visiting the cultural cave of Althiburos in Kef: an exceptional journey

The Althiburos cave is a sumptuous place in the Dahmani village, El Kef. It is a natural cave where the Tunisian painter Ammar Belghith found his magnificent refuge.

The artist has transformed it into a painting workshop where his works of art are exhibited for visitors and passengers. The cave of Althiburos welcomes all those who are looking for tranquility and peace, but also for a getaway far from the city. It is named after the archaeological site located a few kilometers from the village.

Ammar Belghith has given a second life to the cave by creating a small and pleasant ecosystem. Inspired by the richness of the region, El Kef, his hometown, the artist abandoned his career abroad to create a unique cultural project.
Visiting the cave of Althiburos not only shows you the fascinating history of the city told by its admirer artist, but also offers you the opportunity to discover an unusual landscape.

Contemporary art, tradition, nature, all shared during your stay in Dahmani. The day goes so fast, but allows you to recharge your batteries and relax.

On your way to the cultural cave of Ammar Belghith, stopping by the famous “well of love” built in memory of “Maysar and Marconda” and their tragic history, is a must.
Impressive Tunisia plans your stay in El Kef and introduces you to this atypical place.