Parc national Ichkeul

Hiking tours in Tunisia, enjoy a customized trip to the national park of Ichkeul

Ichkeul National Park is a shelter for several Mediterranean animal and plant species. It is a wintering ground and a stopover for thousands of migratory birds, such as ducks and storks, including endangered species. The park is listed under UNESCO World Heritage list and its lake is protected by the RAMSAR convention regarding the privileged environment, the diversity and the ecological richness of the Ichkeul nature reserve.

Known as one of the most exceptional ecosystems in the world, the park covers an area of a dozen thousand hectares. The Ichkeul national park includes a lake, surrounding marshes and a mountain standing at a height of 500 meters covered with forest. The mountain also benefits from a remarkable landscape that is definitely worth the detour.

Discovering the Ichkeul National Park is a getaway with unparalleled natural charm, culture and biodiversity that attract many visitors every year.

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