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A Tour of Must-See Buildings: Tunisia’s Architectural Wonders

Architecture with important historical value reflects the great history of Tunisia. From north to south, significant monuments, spectacular buildings and complex architectural forms are worth visiting to enjoy the beauty and the depth of their stories. Let’s take a tour of the most interesting buildings during your journey in Tunisia.

The Bardo National Museum

It is one of the largest museums on the Mediterranean coast and the second in Africa. The Bardo Museum illustrates the refined and luxurious beylical architecture. It houses a great and large collection of archaeological pieces.

The Bourguiba mausoleum in Monastir

Located in the center of Monastir city, the funerary monument houses the remains of the former President Habib Bourguiba and the remains of his family members. The mausoleum is composed of a large white marble tomb, a small museum exhibiting personal objects and clothes worn by the first president of Tunisia.

The Zitouna Mosque in Tunis

The Zitouna Mosque is the beating heart of the medina of Tunis which was created around the religious monument. Built under the reign of the Umayyads, the Zitouna mosque underwent several works and is exceptionally preserved. The great Islamic monument is a tourist destination that attracts history and culture enthusiasts.

The stage of Star Wars movie in Tozeur

In the middle of the desert, stands the small town where the famous Star Wars movie was filmed. The magical place a few kilometers from Tozeur is always attractive to sci-fi and cinema lovers. The location is well maintained and is accessible to visitors.

Enjoy a tour in the most impressive monuments in Tunisia and take pleasure in discovering the greatness and beauty of Tunisian architecture. Impressive Tunisia offers guided cultural tours with qualified professional guides.