Zarzis, a charming town to discover: Synagogue Mouansa

Zarzis is a coastal city in the south-east of Tunisia. Its large coastline and variety of landscapes as well as its geographical proximity to the island of Djerba make it a perfectly touristic region. Mainly known for its climatic diversity and for its fascinating landscapes, Zarzis is a seaside destination at the gates of the Tunisian Sahara.

This charming city offers pleasures for all tastes. The many visitors all year long can enjoy swimming in the transparent waters and tours in the desert of Matmata, Tataouine and Ksar Ghilane nearby.

A whole day, or even more, can very quickly pass in the discovery of the old troglodyte dwellings and the traditional berber village of the Sahara. The beautiful oasis extends a few kilometers, it is a real spot not to be missed.
Zarzis is not only famous for the landscape diversity, it is also a cultural and historical place to visit. It reveals a great fascinating history and offers a detailed overview through many museums, historical sites and religious monuments.

The Mouansa Synagogue, in the heart of the medina, is one of the most important ones. This building is located in the Jewish quarter of Zarzis. The old religious monument of the Mouansa village in the west of Zarzis impresses both foreign and local visitors. The synagogue is an interesting witness of the ancient architecture, but also of the coexistence and the culture of peace of the city.

Zarzis is a fascinating city all year long and worth visiting during your trip to Tunisia.