le vieux port de Bizerte

Visit the old port of Bizerte, a not-to-be missed spot!

The old port is one of the most charming places in Bizerte. Its quay stretching in an arc is surrounding the white houses overlooking the ancient city of the Kasbah. The port where the small boats beautifully land, is frequented by small fishermen who bring in their catch.

Both daily passengers and occasional visitors enjoy this charming landscape. They are part of the lively scene as they sit all day long on the terraces of the crowded bistros in front of the paved quay.
A few steps from the port of Bizerte, the oceanographic museum is an interesting tourist attraction of the region. Despite the small space that can be easily visited in just a few minutes, the museum houses the city’s little treasures. There is everything, funerary furniture, jewelry and pottery. It represents a rare part of the history and heritage of Bizerte to discover. The Sidi Henni aquarium is frequented by many local and foreign visitors and is certainly worth a visit during your trip to this wonderful city.

The charming town offers a friendly and one-of-a-kind stay. Bizerte is a rich tourist destination with nice vibes. It offers an ideal break to relax and invites the visitors on an interesting adventure. Impressive Tunisia offers you a memorable trip to Tunisia. We help you discover Bizerte, its old port and its main attractions, as well as its gastronomy that will definitely fascinate you.