Poteries de sejnane

The pottery of Sejnane, an ancestral heritage registered in UNESCO

Handed down from mother to daughter, the manufacture of Sejnane (Bizerte) pottery is a heritage that is transmitted from one generation to another. Ancestral know-how that has been enlisted in the intangible heritage of UNESCO since 2018.

Full of pride, these hard-working women get up at dawn to harvest the earth and gather natural elements of the area such as clay, in order to sell you pottery rich in history, true struggle, and heavy labor. This is why this pottery has been testified to in the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO, an earned recognition worldwide that comes after years of creation.

Once on site, these women can be very welcoming, revealing to you the secrets and details of their unique fabrications. A workshop that is easy to observe but difficult to copy, no doubt because of the skill of these mastered women.

Visiting Sejnane is like an immersion adventure with outspoken people who will allow you to discover a new side of Tunisia.

Sejnane is definitely a city known for its pottery but it is also a part of Tunisia where the forest and its green landscape will amaze you.