A getaway to the secret beaches of El Haouaria, an ideal program for the summer

Fan of scuba diving or caving? Relaxing and tanning while enjoying a magnificent view is your favorite activity? Does a party on board a privatized catamaran or maybe swimming in creeks
sound exciting? El Haouaria is the destination!

A beautiful region on the coast of Cap Bon, El Haouaria takes you through its sumptuous landscapes and secret beaches far from overcrowded tourist destinations. The city is a real gem getting ready to welcome the summer vibes. El Haouaria is a heavenly place revealing its unique beauty, wonderful beaches, magnificent caves, and clear and transparent water.

The region of El Haouaria is a real natural treasure of Tunisia, not only benefitting from the stunning coasts, but also from a temperate climate all year round which allows visitors to enjoy many activities. El Haouaria promises memorable vacations whether you are a passenger for a single day or a regular in the charming town.
Our events agency, Impressive Tunisia, guides you throughout your visit and helps you discover El Haouaria through a program according to your taste.

Depending on your preferences, our team designs a customized day or weekend for you to enjoy the beauty of the city. You just need to enjoy being taken care of during a unique stay and an amazing program.
You will never be bored at El Haouaria, with Impressive Tunisia, your stay is in good hands!