AFNOR Health Measure Certificate

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our habits as well as our perception of things. Barrier gestures have become a persistent part of our daily life and sanitary measures are a must to protect ourselves and guarantee a COVID-FREE place for our professional or personal surroundings.

For customers and employees, having the Covid-19 health measures system verified by AFNOR Certification is a commitment of trust and seriousness.

This is why Impressive Tunisia has opted for this certification, to show you its commitment and its requirements to guarantee a healthy working environment.

The verification is performed on-site and is based on four essential parts, namely:

– Set up an appropriate organization

– Apply sanitary measures

– Follow up on these measures

– Improve the sanitary system over time

Once the verification has been carried out, a certificate will be issued with the use of the signal ‘Mesures Sanitaires Covid-19’.

Another verification is ensured by a third party to demonstrate the seriousness and authenticity of this certificate.

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