When the film festival enlivens the city, Gabes creates its cultural landscape

To the vibes of the “CINEMA FEN” film festival, the city of Gabès creates its cinematographic days thanks to a rich and varied program. An exceptional meeting of artists, but also works of art are held around the alternative and original program taking place.

Despite a difficult ecological situation Gabès, a city in southeast Tunisia celebrates the fourth edition of its film festival “CINEMA FEN”.

The local youth initiative has not only been able to give a lift to the city, but above all, the festival was an opportunity for the citizens who were deprived of such cultural events. The festival has therefore provided a valuable and positive space to get through a complicated situation, especially during the COVID crisis.

It is absolutely not a traditional film festival to promote and host film screenings, CINÉMA FEN innovates and brings a modern artistic mark. Red carpet, guests, and atmosphere worthy of big stars, but in addition creativity and innovation take place in the festival. Indeed, there is not only cinema but also video art and virtual reality, CINÉMA FEN is in fact distinguished by a digital orientation. The festival has gained a wide selection of films to satisfy all tastes. Even though the competition is reserved for Arab short and long films, several screenings take place including films for children.

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