“Le manifeste de la culture”, an alternative festival that occupies the urban spaces of Tunis

Le manifeste de la culture” is a not to be missed art event in Tunis. A huge event organized each year opens its doors to a large audience. The cultural festival is known for its underground artistic expression and very popular live performances.

Alternative culture in all forms of art occupies the streets and public spaces of Tunis during the festival that mainly takes place on Habib Bourguiba Avenue.Easily accessible to everyone, “le manifeste de la culture” is mainly dedicated to the youth in Tunis, but it welcomes all lovers of alternative art and underground culture through a large variety of shows.

The majority of performances and shows are for free in open-air spaces. All styles and art shows are included and the large variety of options attracts a large audience.

With Hip-hop, dance, theater, and musical performances, the alternative art festival guarantees a great atmosphere, great encounters, and a breathtaking rhythm. In 2022, the month of August promises to be full of beautiful surprises for art lovers and dedicates a special edition of “Le manifeste de la culture”.

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