A quality policy to satisfy our partners

Impressive Tunisia, Kyranis Travel’s event brand, has been committed to providing a remarkable quality of service that meets the expectations of its clients and partners since its creation in 2005. The objective of this company is to implement an approach that complies with the ISO 9001: 2015 which has been already enhanced by the best practices of the ISO20121 standards.

The first objective of Impressive Tunisia is to achieve a series of goals; this comes with the satisfaction of our partners as well as the sustainability of the collaborations sealed with our various partners, without overlooking the compliance with the requirements and the regulations already implemented.

Impressive Tunisia is committed to applying a policy that aims at standardizing its activities in order to conquer new markets while continuing to improve its services and to develop its professional network.

We invest our efforts to fulfill our objectives. This fact is attained by paying constant attention to the comments and recommendations of our customers. It is also important to anticipate the needs of our partners and to decipher their implicit requests.

Internal and external communication is the key to our success. This is why we listen to the needs of our employees who share their concerns with us. This strategy allows our employees to deliver exceptional neat work to our partners with invincible performance.

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