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Mawjoudin (We Exist) is a Tunisia-based NGO that guarantees gender equality. Impressive Tunisia joins the fight of this non-governmental organization in the fight against discrimination based on gender and sexual identity in order to guarantee the same rights for all.

Founded in 2014 by feminist activists and LGBT people, this NGO works to help people who have integration difficulties because of their sexual or other orientations.

Mawjoudin sheds light on the restrictions imposed by Tunisian society and tries to contribute to change in order to improve the daily lives of  LGBTQ+ people.

The mission of this NGO is to spread a culture of equality between people because we are all human and we all have the right to be different. Being different has never been a flaw but a sign of strength.

This is why Mawjoudin fights against homophobia and sexism, in order to have a society that guarantees dignity to its citizens and this by counting on its partners.

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