Reforestation: Impressive Tunisia looks forward to seeing you on January 9th for a greener Tunisia!

After having traveled the four corners of Tunisia, the reforestation action of Soli Green and Tounes Clean Up continues and invites its volunteers to Ghar El Meleh, Sunday January 9th at 9 am.

Sponsored by Impressive Tunisia (brand event of Kyranis Travel), an agency that cares about the environment and contributes to Tunisia’s development, this campaign has taken place every weekend since 2019. The latest action paved the way to the plantation of 7,000 trees in Sejnane.

Whether it’s raining or snowing, hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers are coming together to achieve the goal of planting 12 million trees throughout Tunisia, in order to reforest the burnt forests, to develop biodiversity and to act against climate change.

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