Impressive Tunisia is committed with Colibris

The Colibris startup has been committed since its creation, in April 2021, to the green industry and takes into consideration the social and environmental impact within Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and does not fail to raise awareness among young people by sending Colibris agents in charge of collection, to promote the work of sorting recyclable waste.

Impressive Tunisia is committed with Colibris to the environment while empowering citizens who must sort waste for the Colibris to pick up.

The role of the Colibris is not limited to collecting, its agents promote the efforts of young people for a planet in danger and prevent certain natural disasters.

Some areas are notorious for flooding in winter, but few people think about the causes. The collection of waste in places of residence contributes to the enhancement of areas to the point of increasing real estate value, while eliminating waste that can cause flooding.

The snowball effect also contributes positively to increasing the number of responsible citizens and SMEs to have a healthy planet in the long term and this translates into a significant social impact.

The Colibris report established between August and December 2021 gathers a collection of nearly 45 kg of plastic and approximately 185 kg of cardboard and paper, i.e. a total of 230 kg of waste collected with a recycling rate of 95%.

Colibris offered decent work to two people and undertook, in the same context, to reduce unemployment.

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