Impressive Tunisia takes landing at the port of La Goulette to another level

Spring announces the rebirth of nature. To enjoy your holidays and avoid seasickness, opt for a dream cruise during a period when calm and serenity go perfectly with the beauty of nature.

The La Goulette cruise terminal resumes service starting from March 23, a perfect date to schedule visits to different neighboring European countries.

Several destinations are within reach, departing from La Goulette cruise port. You can come to Tunisia to discover the history and beauty of a rich and sunny country or to enjoy coastal areas in Marseille, Genoa or elsewhere.

Choose your destination and opt for cultural and culinary tours thanks to the richness and history of each country.

When disembarking at La Goulette port, you will be attracted by the freshness and the kindness of a country that offers a warm welcome to its visitors. Your journey in Tunisia will be memorable.

Sightseeing, cultural and culinary tours are the key points of this sunny country.

Discover the beauty of a country with a rich history or enjoy a cruise from the port of La Goulette and go on vacation, your mind free from worry. The sea air will help with that!


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