Diversity is our main corporate asset

The inclusion policy is a significant part of the corporate culture within Impressive Tunisia where we work on developing and improving the internal adaptation and acceptance of others.
In this context, we emphasize the importance of racial, ethnic, socio-cultural or religious diversity in our company. Regardless of our differences, there is nothing more important than the universal values of humanity that unite us to give our best.
Impressive Tunisia applies an inclusion policy in all the processes of its business and particularly in the recruitment process to make sure our differences are a source of wealth instead of being a source of conflict.
Inclusion is far from being a simple slogan, it is rather a basis on which all our company interactions are based and a daily practice of all the employees who need to find their place and to be respected and heard in their differences.
This is why we developed an alert system that makes it possible to detect any discriminatory practice and anticipate possible violations of the company standards and inclusion policy in order to preserve a safe and fulfilling workplace for all employees.
We also provide our professional partners, suppliers and our employees with all the necessary assistance and adaptation systems as needed to ensure autonomy and support.
Impressive Tunisia encourages the exposure of any incompliancy with the standards and we condemn any discriminatory behavior through various means of communication available to our employees.


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