Ramadan special evenings are back in Tunisia, the holy month finally regains its charm

Most COVID sanitary measures and nightly curfew that heavily reigned during the last two years, are lifted. The sanitary measures clouded Ramadan celebrations for a second year in a row. Due to the health crisis and the pandemic, the usual festivities of the holy month were postponed and Tunisia was deprived of the most beautiful evenings of the year.

Indeed, fasting is not only a spiritual act of worshiping, it is also an act of social solidarity and sharing. During Ramadan, social ties are renewed, benevolence and good humor are spread.
Wonderful Ramadan evenings, nightly gatherings and art shows resume this year and once again enliven all tunisian cities.

Ramadan is the best time to treat yourself while sharing a pleasant quality time with family or colleagues. On the occasion of the holy month, Impressive Tunisia offers you the best Ramadan evenings with a complete program including shared fast-breaking dinner and rich and authentic entertainment programs.

Thanks to a variety of musical performances and entertainment shows, our program will amaze your employees and your loved ones.
We organize incentives and professional events during Ramadan according to your preferences with a tailor made menu and tasty dishes. And let’s not forget about the special traditional Ramadan pastry and the folkloric, spiritual or mystical musical shows.


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