Spring Festival in Hammamet, the event not to be missed in Tunisia

Located in the northeast of Tunisia, on the southeast coast of Cap Bon, Hammamet is a very popular seaside resort. The city is a major tourist destination with thousands of visitors every year. Known for its pleasant tourist attractions and beautiful spots to please all tastes, the tourist city has a charming medina, heavenly beaches and a beautiful Marina of Yasmine Hammamet.
Hammamet is a dream destination where culture, traditions, luxury, progress and diversity coexist in a perfect social harmony.

The unique atypical town organizes the Spring Festival every year during the last weekend of April in order to bring together inhabitants, visitors and artisans around the spring theme.
Impressive Tunisia invites you to enjoy the delightful scents of the flower market and to celebrate the season in a different way. We offer customized services for a special weekend in Hammamet.

We provide guided tours to help you discover the city and its famous festival which takes place to celebrate the arrival of spring, sunny days and the renewal of nature.
The flower market is organized by nurserymen and artisans who present floral display exhibits with large varieties of plants. Visitors who are passionate about nature, take the opportunity to exchange, learn and discover this particular aspect of Hammamet in a green and floral decoration that represents the harmony of the city and its culture.

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